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At Turning Stone Subregional, Juniors Foreshadow Great Future for Golf


Olivia Mill (left) practices chipping while her brother Ewan looks on at the DC&P Subregional Qualifier

For Scott Baker, there’s no better way to spend quality time with his daughter Tenly than on the golf course.

Baker, who owns Stone Creek Golf Club in Oswego, N.Y., enjoys having 8-year-old Tenly by his side on the course and has been teaching her the fundamental skills of the game for the last two summers.

“Golf is fun. I like being outside. I get to play a lot,” Tenly said.

“I think she likes it because she gets to spend time with her father,” Scott Baker said with a smile.

“Yeah that too,” said Tenly, who broke into a wide grin as she looked up at her dad.

Connecting as a family through golf is also one of the special features of the Drive, Chip and Putt Championship. The Bakers from Hannibal, N.Y., were among the 144 families to take part in the Aug. 16 subregional qualifier held at Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, N.Y.

Peter Giacomelli, of Toronto, and his 11-year-old daughter Sophia used their four-hour road trip to the subregional for some daddy-daughter bonding which included outlet shopping in Kingston, Ontario.

“We did some shopping on the way here,” Sophia Giacomelli said. “The Adidas store was the best.”

“Getting that one-on-one time with her is what I like the most about going to these competitions,” Peter Giacomelli said.

Family support was wide spread at the Turning Stone subregional qualifier. Grandparents, parents and siblings closely followed competitors from one discipline to another to offer many things like a bottle of water, a word of advice or high-five. Parents also provided emotional support and encouragement to players.

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