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Career Services Consultant

Chris Kulinski, PGA

Employment Consultant & Recruitment Specialist

Central, Northeastern & Western New York PGA Sections
The PGA of America
Phone: (561) 336-2791 or (716) 316-4160

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PGA Professional Chris Kulinski is the PGA of America’s Employment Consultant proudly serving the Western, Central and Northeastern New York PGA Sections. Part of a team of employment service professionals placed throughout the country, Chris’ efforts are a key component to PGA Professional career enhancement and employer relationships in the New York Sections. He believes strongly in PGA professionals and their positive impact on both the golf operation and the local community. Throughout his tenure, he has a track record of fostering long-term relationships between PGA professionals and their employers. Previously, he served as the Head Golf Professional at Orchard Park CC outside of Buffalo, NY. While at Orchard Park CC, Chris developed multiple growth of the game programs and was the WNYPGA Youth Player Development Award recipient in 2015 and 2017. Chris’ passion is working with kids and adults and showing them all the doors golf can open in this world.

He has been tasked with providing professionals with the necessary tools, strategies and education to implement at the facility level, along with recruiting men and women into the business of golf. Chris is looking forward to working with all types of facilities, owners, professionals and operators to successfully change the culture and create healthier, thriving facilities and employer-employee relationships in the current golf environment. In addition, he is excited about the potential programs that can benefit PGA professionals and help driven, customer service-oriented men and women break into the golf industry. Chris has conducted growth of the game, youth and family, and women’s clinics that have introduced the game of golf to so many people. Some of these individuals have pursued a career in the business of golf.

His father introduced Chris to the game of golf when he was 12 years old. When Chris was deciding on what college to attend, his father let him know he could go to school to become a golf professional. Chris did not attend a PGM school, but all throughout college he worked for PGA Professional Tim Fries. Tim mentored Chris for 8 years and helped him become a PGA Head Golf Professional at the age of 27.

Chris graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and human resources and a minor in history. Chris is married to Amanda and has three daughters: Lyla, Kendyl and Aubrey.

Your Career Coach is Waiting for Your Call!

Advocating for you, the PGA Member

Chris Kulinski, PGA Employment Consultant

One of the most gratifying parts of my job and the one that is most important to our department is the time I get to spend each day coaching and mentoring PGA members. As career consultants, we pride ourselves in our ability to build a relationship with you. I have been in the WNY section for over 15 years now and have built many relationships, I would like to build more relationships with those I have not connected with yet.

Every time I saw a CareerLinks notification and was interested in applying for the position or needed career planning assistance, I would reach out to the current career consultant. If it was Tom Kendrick or Keith Fisher, they always were available to provide insight to the position and my career. As consultants:

  • We may have critical information about CareerLinks searches we are assisting employers with that could be of great importance to your application for the position.
  • We have the tools necessary to enhance your resume and cover letter to help set you apart. Remember point #1 above when working with your resume: Accomplishments, success stories and impactful experiences add value to a presentation to an employer.
  • Take advantage of the tools and resources you have available to you to assist with any employment related scenario you might face, such as compensation negotiations and use of the PGA Compensation Survey reporting tool, year-end review ideas, communicating with your employer information and many more.
  • Utilize our Career Path Planning tools to assist you in making the roadmap to your dream job and beyond a reality.

The tools we use come from the litany of print materials the Career Services team has put together over the years. This information was gathered from working with employers and PGA members in our industry and most importantly, the experiences our team members have in “real world” situations. Situations our PGA members are faced with on a daily basis. What are you doing to plan out your career moves and how are you implementing them?

  • Have you looked ahead, five years or more, and laid out the path you should take to reach your goal or “dream job”? I can assist you with this endeavor by starting the career planning process. I will send you a series of forms to fill out and then we can get you on the path to future success by setting goals and holding each other accountable.

Remember we, the PGA Career Consultants, are your “advocates”! We can help you separate yourself from your peers with information you can use to become the one the employer will want to interview! The PGA of America’s Carer Services Department is committed to assisting PGA Professionals reach their personal and professional goals. The Career Consultant team and have the tools you need to make a better presentation of your skills and ideas to separate yourself from others who are vying for the same job. We are the “advocate” you may be looking for and we want to help!

Chris Kulinski, PGA is an Employment Consultant for the PGA of America. He can be contacted at (561) 366-2791 or at