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The Central New York PGA Special Awards identify PGA Professionals in Central New York that have proven their outstanding leadership in a number of categories.

You can find more information about each category in our Detailed Description of Awards.

The PGA Golf Professional of the Year Award is one of the highest honors the Association can bestow on a working club professional whose total contributions to the game best exemplify the complete PGA Professional.  This award embraces a wide range of services executed by the club professional.

* Demonstration of outstanding qualities of leadership

* Demonstration of strong moral character

* Maintain a substantial record of service to the Section, the Association, and the game of golf.

* Well-regarded as a model PGA Golf Professional.


The PGA Golf Professional of the Year Award is one of the highest honors the Association can bestow on a working club professional whose total contributions to the game best exemplify the complete PGA Professional.  This award embraces a wide range of services executed by the club professional.

* Demonstration of outstanding qualities of leadership

* Demonstration of strong moral character

* Maintain a substantial record of service to the Section, the Association, and the game of golf.

* Well-regarded as a model PGA Golf Professional.

Year Winner
2022 Michael Deuel
2021 Jeff Kleinman
2020 Steve Campanaro
2019 Dustin Jones
2018 Will Weimer
2017 Martha Wells
2016 Miles Blundell
2015 Richard Winstead
2014 Bob Fuller
2013 Bob Steiner
2012 Michael S. Doctor
2011 Sean Dadey
2010 Tony Biata
2009 Steve Nacewicz
2008 Steve Aloi
2007 Trey Walewski
2006 Jon Fowler
2005 Tony Biata
2004 Joe Tesori
2003 Stan Gorman
2002 Mark Jorgensen
2001 Paul Carter
2000 Richard Winstead
1999 Paul Zurek
1998 Dick Costello
1997 Ron Stepanek
1996 Nick Serafino
1995 Joe Tesori
1994 C.J. Parry
1993 Ron Dunham
1992 Marian Burke
1991 Michael Doctor
1990 Jack Conger
1989 Dino Tzivanis
1988 Bob Klink
1987 Bob McCarthy
1986 Rick Keding
1985 William Galloway
1984 Ron Dunham
1983 Larry Bartosek
1982 Frank Nastri
1981 Mike Bello
1980 William Dennis
1979 Earl Maurer
1978 Aldor Jones
1977 Rocky Kelly
1976 John Lisk
1975 Bob Klink
1974 Don Drier
1973 Jim Doherty, Jr.
1972 Joe Zeilic
1971 Frank Socash
1970 Dick Govern
1969 Lew Adesso
1967 Bill Mitchell
1965 Mike Bello
1964 Frank E. Nastri
1963 Emmett Kelly
1958 Nick Legnini

The Player Development Award is designed to recognize a PGA Professional for extraordinary and
exemplary contributions and achievements in the area of player development. This award considers the
PGA Professional’s growth of the game leadership commitment at the Section and National levels and the
impact made at the facility.
* Contributions to Section and National Play Golf America initiatives.
* Quantity, quality and diversity of player development programs.
* Use of Play Golf America tools and resources.
* Quality of best practices, including uniqueness of ideas, increase in rounds / revenues, retention and
customer satisfaction.
* Inspiration of fellow PGA Professionals in the area of player development.

Year Winner
2022 Martha Wells
2021 Martha Wells
2020 Ryan McGinnis
2019 Alan Seamans
2018 Linda Mulherin
2017 Marian Blain
2016 Eric Lorenzetti
2015 Stan Gorman
2014 Jack Conger
2013 Ruth Weydig
2012 Michael S. Doctor
2011 Brad Patterson
2010 No Winner

The Teacher & Coach of the Year Award is designed to recognize a PGA Professional who is an
outstanding teacher of golf among the ranks of PGA membership. This award is based on a
professional’s overall performance in teaching; unusual, innovative and special teaching programs
initiated or implemented; articles published; as well as outstanding golfers the professional has instructed.
* Recognized as an outstanding teacher of golf among the ranks of PGA membership.
* Initiation and/or implementation of unusual, innovative and/or special teaching programs.
* Publication of articles, books, magazines, etc.
* Instruction of outstanding golfers.

Year Winner
2022 Marty Nowicki
2021 Michael S. Doctor
2020 Jack Conger
2019 Michael S. Doctor
2018 Linda Mulherin
2017 David Rhone
2016 Dustin Jones
2015 Marty Nowicki
2014 Marty Nowicki
2013 Kevin Savage
2012 Linda Mulherin
2011 Brad Patterson
2010 Linda Mulherin
2009 Kevin Savage
2008 Marty Nowicki
2007 Ed Evans
2006 Jack Conger
2005 David Rhone
2004 Jack Conger
2003 Linda Mulherin
2002 David Rhone
2001 Mike Jonges
2000 Linda Mulherin
1999 Linda Mulherin
1998 Marty Nowicki
1997 Tony Biata
1996 Linda Mulherin
1995 Michael Doctor
1994 Jay Catalano
1993 Bob McCarthy
1992 Tom Gleeton
1991 Jack Conger
1990 Lew Adesso
1989 Bob McCarthy
1988 Dick Costello
1987 Earl Maurer
1986 Joe Tesori

The PGA Professional Development Award recognizes the PGA Professional who is the model educator
of PGA Golf Professionals. This award is designed to give special recognition to an individual PGA
Professional for outstanding and continuing contributions to professional education.
* Demonstration of outstanding qualities of leadership.
* Demonstration of strong moral character.
* Maintain a substantial record of service to the Association and the game of golf.
* Well-regarded as a model educator of PGA Golf Professionals.
* Contributions to the Section and National PGA Education Programs.

Year Winner
2022 Michael Discenza
2021 Michael Discenza
2020 Jack Conger
2019 Jim Ironside
2018 Alan Seamans
2017 Steve Nacewicz
2016 Dustin Jones
2015 Stan Gorman
2014 Steve Nacewicz
2013 Steve Nacewicz
2012 Steve Nacewicz
2011 Steve Nacewicz
2010 Bob Fuller
2009 Steve Nacewicz
2008 Robert Todd
2007 Stan Gorman
2006 Stan Gorman
2005 Stan Gorman
2004 Stan Gorman
2003 Michael Doctor
2002 Stan Gorman
2001 Michael Doctor
2000 Roger Curran
1999 Nick Serafino
1998 Marian Blain
1997 Larry Startzel
1996 Mike George
1995 Larry Startzel
1994 Joe Tesori
1993 Mark Flurschutz
1992 Joe Tesori
1991 Kevin Daly
1990 Joe Tesori
1989 Joe Tesori
1988 Bill Galloway
1987 Bill Galloway
1986 Joe Zeilic
1985 Joe Tesori
1984 Bill Galloway
1983 Bill Galloway
1982 Jim Doherty
1981 Emmett Kelly
1980 Jim Mrva
1979 Jim Doherty
1978 Ron Dunham
1977 Earl Maurer
1976 Mike Bello
1971 Lew Adesso
1970 Frank Socash

The Bill Strausbaugh Award is designed to recognize PGA Professionals who by their day-to-day efforts
have distinguished themselves by mentoring their fellow PGA Professionals in improving their
employment situations and through service to the community.
* Demonstration of record of service to the Section and the Association.
* Proven leadership ability.
* Involvement in civic activities and local charitable causes within the community.
* Recognized as someone of outstanding character.

Year Winner
2022 Alan Seamans
2021 Stan Gorman
2020 Stan Gorman
2019 Michael Deuel
2018 Trey Walewski
2017 Dustin Jones
2015 Jon Fowler
2014 Miles Blundell
2013 Michael Hogan
2012 No Winner
2011 Trey Walewski
2010 Michael Doctor
2009 Trey Walewski
2008 Sean Dadey
2007 Michael Doctor
2006 Rob Neuser
2005 Tony Biata
2004 Trey Walewski
2003 Joe Tesori
2002 Rick Keding
2001 Rick Keding
2000 Michael Doctor
1999 Michael Doctor
1998 Fran Roach
1997 Joe Tesori
1996 Rick Keding
1995 Ron Stepanek
1994 Michael Doctor
1993 Rick Keding
1992 Bill Galloway
1991 Bill Galloway
1990 Michael Doctor
1989 Bill Galloway
1988 Earl Maurer
1987 Rick Keding
1986 Bill Galloway
1985 Earl Maurer

The Youth Player Development Award is designed to pay recognition to a Central New York PGA Golf
Professional who is a leader in junior golf, reflects the qualities and ideals of those who work with our
nation’s youth. This person provides opportunities and experiences for juniors to learn and play better
golf. The guidelines for this award include:
* Contributions to junior programs in the Section.
* Involvement in and promotion of developing junior golf at his/her facility and also within the
* Support of PGA junior golf programs.
* Overall integrity as an individual and acceptance by junior golfers as a person of outstanding

Year Winner
2022 Ruth Weydig
2021 Brian Smith
2020 Michael Discenza
2019 Ryan Evans
2018 Ruth Weydig
2017 Matt Jaynes
2016 Ruth Weydig
2015 Ruth Weydig
2014 Ruth Weydig
2013 Ruth Weydig
2012 Ruth Weydig
2011 Miles Blundell
2010 Steve Volpicelli
2008 Sean Dadey
2007 Tom Stone
2006 Linda Mulherin
2005 Rob Neuser
2004 Tony Biata / Bernie Herceg
2003 Tony Biata
2002 Karen Lang
2001 Tony Biata
2000 Karen Lang
1999 Karen Lang
1998 Richard Winstead
1997 Mike Galuski
1996 Michael Doctor
1995 Dan O’Leary
1994 Kevin Burnsworth
1993 Joe Tesori
1992 Michael Doctor
1991 Michael Doctor
1990 Gordon Richardson
1989 Michael Doctor
1988 Michael Doctor

The Patriot Award is presented to a PGA Professional who personifies patriotism through the game of
golf and demonstrates unwavering commitment and dedication to the men and women who have valiantly
served and protected the United States of America.
*Contributions and support to the United States Armed Forces and its Activity Duty personnel and
*Proven interest, concern, and ability to provide opportunities and experience for active duty personnel
and veterans to learn and play golf.
*Demonstration and acknowledgement as an individual of outstanding leadership and strong moral

Year Winner
2022 Ryan McGinnis
2021 Scott Webster
2020 Steve Nacewicz
2019 Stan Gorman
2018 Steve Nacewicz
2017 Bob Fuller / Steve Nacewicz
2016 Stan Gorman
2015 Steve Nacewicz
2014 Steve Nacewicz

The Merchandiser of the Year Award recognizes those Central New York PGA professionals who have
demonstrated superior skills as merchandisers in the promotion of golf. The award is given for excellence
in golf shop operations in three categories: Private, Resort, and Public/Municipal/Military/Semi-Private.
The candidates are judged in the following areas; merchandising ability and techniques, inventory levels
and turn rate, shop display, and attention to detail. The guidelines for this award include:
* PGA member in good standing.
* Credit rating within the industry and overall credit rating.
* Community involvement.
* Involvement in the development of data and statistics, materials or programs used either Sectionally or
Nationally on club relations and employment activities.

Year Winner Public/Private/Resort
2022 Dennis Estes Private
2022 Eric Lorezetti Resort
2022 Dustin Jones Public
2021 Chris Krause Private
2021 Eric Lorenzetti Resort
2021 Ryan Evans Public
2020 Ryan Hammerle Private
2020 Eric Lorenzetti Resort
2020 Dustin Jones Public
2019 Dennis Colligan Private
2019 Eric Lorenzetti Resort
2019 Dustin Jones Public
2018 Martha Wells Private
2018 Jeff Kleinman Resort
2018 Michael Deuel Public
2017 Martha Wells Private
2017 Naomi Nesenoff Resort
2017 Steve Volpicelli Public
2016 Martha Wells Private
2016 Naomi Nesenoff Resort
2016 Ben Pasquith Public
2015 Martha Wells Private
2015 Miles Blundell Resort
2015 Dustin Jones Public
2014 Jon Fowler Private
2014 Eric Lorenzetti Resort
2014 Steve Nacewicz Public
2013 Jon Fowler / Dustin Jones Private
2013 Eric Lorenzetti Resort
2013 Steve Nacewicz Public
2012 Dustin Jones Private
2012 Robert Todd Resort
2012 Steve Nacewicz Public
2011 Mark Jorgensen Private
2011 Miles Blundell Resort
2011 Marian Blain Public
2010 Trey Walewski Private
2010 Miles Blundell Resort
2010 Kebin Maginn Public
2009 Mark Tucker Private
2009 Steve Campanaro Resort
2009 Richard Winstead Public
2008 Steve Campanaro Resort
2008 Steve Volpicelli Public
2007 Trey Walewski Private
2007 Matt Kleiner Resort
2007 Kevin Maginn Public
2006 Bob Fuller Private
2006 Robert Todd Resort
2006 Jim Edmister Public
2005 Mark Jorgensen Private
2005 Bob O’Brian Resort
2005 Jack Conger Public
2004 Steve Nacewicz / Mark Jorgensen Private
2004 Bob O’Brian Resort
2003 Steve Aloi Private
2003 Bob O’Brian Resort
2003 Jim Edmister Public
2002 Mike Heib Private
2002 Bob O’Brian Resort
2002 Richard Winstead Public
2001 Steve Nacewicz Private
2001 Jim Edmister Public
2000 Jon Fowler Private
2000 Matt Kleiner Resort
2000 Trey Walewski Public
1999 Mark Jorgensen Private
1999 Trey Walewski Public
1998 Rick Keding Private
1998 Richard Winstead Public
1997 Todd Manderson Private
1997 Trey Walewski Public
1996 Jack Conger Private
1996 John Graczyk Public
1995 Rick Keding Private
1995 Jim Edmister / Hank Furgol Public
1994 Frank Roach Private
1994 Rick Wolcott Resort
1994 Trey Walewski Public
1993 John Markley Private
1993 Rick Wolcott Resort
1993 Marian Blain Public
1992 Gordon Richardson Private
1992 Ed J. Kroll Public
1991 Ron Dunham Private
1991 Joe Tesori Public
1990 Richard Winstead Private

Assistant Professional of the Year candidates should possess outstanding qualities of leadership, strong
community involvement and a substantial record of service to the PGA, the CNYPGA Assistants’

Association, their club or employer, and the game of golf. Eligibility includes CNY PGA members and
registered apprentices in good standing.
*Pre-Associates are not eligible.

Year Winner
2022 Robert Larsen
2021 Jason Gosney
2020 Jim Ironside
2019 Michael Hogan
2018 Ryan McGinnis
2017 John Taranto
2016 Lauren Tallman
2015 Brian Smith
2014 Will Weimer
2013 Matt Jaynes
2012 Jim Ironside
2011 Dustin Jones
2010 Dustin Jones
2009 Brian Smith
2007 Chris Maneri
2006 Chris Maneri
2005 Ray Sindone
2004 Mark Tucker

The Golf Salesperson of the Year Award is the premier award presented to one of the Section’s Sales
Manufacturer Representatives. The following guidelines should be used to determine nominees for this
* High quality of service to his/her accounts.
* Integrity and professionalism in his/her product presentations.
* Overall support of Section professionals and the CNYPGA Section.
* Involvement in Section tournaments, junior golf, education, Member/Associate services.

Year Winner
2022 Jim Yeager
2021 Trey Walewski
2020 Todd Vangellow
2019 Alex Smith
2018 Jeff Kelley
2017 Mike Moran
2016 Dave Clinkhammer
2015 Gary Chittenden
2014 Bill Donlan
2013 Pat Carli
2012 Gary Chittenden
2011 Dave Barrett
2010 Trevor Wheeler
2009 Pat Carli / Dave Clinkhammer
2008 Joe Lanza
2007 Gary Chittenden