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Hall of Fame

Founded in 1987 for the purpose of honoring those CNY PGA members who have exhibited outstanding dedication and exemplary service to the membership on a section level, national stage, or both, during their tenure in the golfing industry, the following have contributed in a special way to our section’s growth and heritage of professionalism.

A nominee should have been a member in good standing in the Central New York PGA Section for a minimum of 10 years. A PGA Member in good standing can nominate one (1) PGA Member in good standing.

An individual’s overall contribution to golf should be considered as a valid reason for nomination.  The contribution may be measured by the individual’s leadership in the following areas:

  1. Devotion to involvement and level of dedication to the membership as an officer, board of directors, or committee chair/member on the section or national levels.
  2. Training, mentoring and development of PGA Professionals.
  3. Tireless ambassador of the game of golf and constant promoter of the PGA Professional.
  4. Continued commitment to significantly enhance the growth of golf at their facility and also in the surrounding community.
  5. Possession of exemplary moral characteristics and is a role model for peers.
  6. Outstanding competitive playing record.

CNY Hall of Fame Members

Name Inducted
Lew Adesso 1987
Mike Bello 1987
Emmett Kelly 1988
Earl P. Maurer 1988
Jack Brett 1989
Bill Entwistle 1989
George L. Hall 1989
Edward T. Kuhn 1989
Bill Mitchell 1989
Augie Nordone 1989
Danny Jones 1990
Harry C. Shepard, Sr. 1990
Frank Socash 1991
Bill Dennis 1996
John Lisk 1998
Bob Klink 1998
Ron Dunham 2000
Bill Galloway 2001
Dick Govern 2001
Joe Tesori 2002
Rick Keding 2003
Jerry Steelsmith 2003
Larry Bartosek 2005
Tony Saraceno 2005
Paul Kern 2006
Tom Gorman 2008
Michael S. Doctor 2009
Dick Costello 2010
Bob McCarthy 2011
Marian Blain 2012
Lawrence “Rocky” Kelly 2013
Jim Doherty 2014
Trey Walewski 2016
Nick Serafino 2016
Richard Winstead 2018
Linda Mulherin 2019
Jack Conger 2019
Stan Gorman 2019
Stan Lisk 2020
Steve Nacewicz 2020
Jon Fowler 2020
Steve Aloi 2022