Steve Campanaro, the 2020 Central New York PGA Section Golf Professional of the Year and a two-time Section Merchandiser of the Year for Resort Facilities, is the PGA Head Professional at Teugega Country Club in Rome, New York.

Campanaro, PGA was featured in the July 8th PGA Magazine email to members regarding Best Practices: Developing Players. Here’s what he had to say.

Campanaro on the importance of implementing Operation 36

At Teugega Country Club, we experienced the same ups and downs as most other facilities in 2020. While we were shut down last spring, I decided to incorporate the Operation 36 curriculum into our player development programming – all of our player development programming. Being familiar with the success of the program, I was optimistic when considering its potential impact on our members’ growth in the game, long-term improvement and overall enjoyment derived. I completed the online certification course during the closures and implemented it immediately upon reopening. We held an orientation to introduce the program to members and welcomed over 70 people to the socially-distanced outdoor event. Implementation of Operation 36 included three junior golf sessions on Wednesdays, an adult co-ed session on Tuesdays and a women’s-only class on Fridays. The Operation 36 curriculum is driving increased rounds from our high-handicappers and beginning golfers because they’re playing better and are more comfortable on the course. It’s also been a great addition to our junior program, of course. We have always taught our juniors the history of Teugega Country Club and its architect, Donald Ross. They enjoy learning about their club and even offer little nuggets of information when I see them outside of our formal classes and clinics. This holistic approach of education, technical coaching and on-course experience has been very successful for us.


Steve Campanaro on the business impact of implementing Operation 36:


We welcomed over 40 students among the five Operation 36 weekly sessions last summer. These individuals are playing more rounds due to their increased skill and enjoyment. In addition, we’ve had several members upgrade their memberships to take part in our programming and get the most out of the game. We welcomed 50 new members in 2020 and 16 already in the first quarter of 2021, before we even opened for the season. In addition to the increase in memberships and rounds, we’re seeing more private instruction, as members want to further their education and expedite improvement. You’ve read articles about the great benefits of Operation 36 on junior golf – put it in place with your women’s groups and beginners and you’ll see great strides in their progress and participation, as well.