During the month of March, the Central New York PGA celebrated Women’s History Month by showcasing local women in golf – women who compete, women who inspire, women who are making a difference in the game. The CNY PGA is grateful for their contributions to grow the game on a variety of levels.


Here are their stories.



2021 CNY PGA Female Player of the Year


Female golf role models: My role models are definitely Jessica and Nelly Korda, I went to the Solheim cup and got to watch them play, and their teamwork, etiquette, and leadership was incredible. I first met Jessica Korda at a golf tournament when I was little and she gave me a golf ball and that’s one of the reasons why I’m still golfing today, she was so nice and really  inspired me to pursue the game.


How have women changed the golf industry? I think women have changed the golf industry by making it more inclusive and helped to inspire women of all ages to embrace the game, since golf teaches you discipline, integrity, honesty, and how to interact with others in a fun and positive way. I think it’s a great sport for women to play and I’m so glad to see more women playing golf!



2021 CNY PGA Player Development Award winner

National Player Development Committee


What has a career in golf meant to you: It’s meant everything to me.  When I first went through the schooling/PGA program I was one of few if not the only female in the room.  To be able to see all the glass ceilings being shattered by women in golf now is just amazing.  It is quite rare to be able to work in a field that is also your passion.  There is nothing more satisfying than hearing from a young female professional about their successes and moving up the ladders.


How have women have changed the golf industry? Women have revolutionized the golf business.  From fashion to golf clubs to travel, women have become a force to be reckoned with.  There has been a huge uptick in women taking up golf, and also an increase in women on the business side of golf.  Women are making the financial decisions in households for their families and for themselves, and a good percentage is being spent on this sport.  We don’t hear the term “golf widow” much anymore–which is a great change.



Speedgolf World Champion and World Record Holder

Four-time AIM Women’s Champion


What has a career in golf meant to you: Golf started out as a hobby, but has quickly become my livelihood and my passion. Coaching the Men’s and Women’s Golf Teams at Hamilton College gives me the opportunity to work with bright, fun and hard-working student-athletes on a daily basis.  It’s so rewarding to see them mature into great players and more importantly, wonderful men and women. Additionally, Speedgolf has given me a platform for growing the game, particularly with women, girls and junior golfers.  It’s so great to see golf becoming more inclusive.


How have women have changed the golf industry? The golf industry has certainly benefited from having women in leadership roles.  Girls that are exposed to women coaches and professionals are more likely to play golf and pursue careers that are currently male-dominated.



Membership Director for the Central New York PGA

Central New York PGA Honorary Member


My career in golf: For the past 35 years, I have seen incredible growth within the section.  My position started with a few hours a week for “a little something to do” as our two sons entered elementary school.  Over the years, this grew to a full-time position and allowed me the flexibility to keep my family a priority while doing something I enjoyed and knew I wanted to be a part of.  I am fortunate to work with and for an association that strives for a good work-life balance. Being named a CNY PGA Honorary Member in 2017 is something I’m extremely proud of and will forever cherish. I look forward to retirement at the end of 2022 and enjoying this great game of golf even more!


How have women have changed the golf industry? I’m happy to work alongside so many talented PGA Professionals in the CNY PGA who love what they do and truly make a difference in the community.  I have seen firsthand the many programs we implement to grow the game with diversity and inclusion a top priority.  We have seen growth across the board for young girls and women in our junior, section, and amateur events as well as starting a women’s association for more playing opportunities and introduce the game of golf.  We hope to continue the upward trend by encouraging women of all ages to come out and play and take advantage of the many beautiful golf courses in the area.




Golf coach at Mohawk Valley Community College

Seven-time CNY PGA Youth Player Development Award winner


How have women changed the golf industry? Having been a female member of the PGA of America for over 30 years, we have paved the road for introducing the game of golf to so many women by making the learning process less intimidating, more accessible and much more fashionable.  A woman’s body is certainly designed differently than a man’s body and each has their strengths and weaknesses. The overall acceptance by our male PGA members has attributed to our success in the golf business.  More golf shops currently stock a better variety of ladies clothing and hard goods than 30 years ago. Also, there are more lessons and opportunities that focus on introducing women to the game of golf. This has certainly increased the numbers and quality of ladies golf at all levels including the professional level.