Scott Webster is a people person.


As the head professional at Tuscarora Golf Club for the last 21 years, Webster has enjoyed interacting with his members, guests, PGA peers and members of other clubs.


“I always try to go out of my way say hello to everyone,” Webster said. “I think people appreciate that.”


Webster prides himself in being visible and accessible while also making sure everyone has a good experience at his club. But his days as Tuscarora’s head professional are coming to an end. Earlier this season, Webster announced he is retiring after 30 years in the golf business.


One highlight of Webster’s tenure was receiving the 2021 Central New York PGA Patriot Award which is presented to a PGA Professional who personifies patriotism through the game of golf. Webster comes from a family of military veterans and he himself is an Army veteran. He was the CNY PGA’s first veteran to win the award.


“Going into the military changed my life,” said Webster, who helps host the CNY PGA’s Folds of Honor event every September. “It helped get me organized and to pay attention to details. I know that’s a big part of what’s made me successful as a head professional.”


Here’s what the 61-year-old Webster had to say about his career and his plans in retirement.


The biggest changes over the years as a golf pro:

Technology. When we started, I remember taking scorecards home at night and dotting the cards. It used to take forever to set up tournaments and get organized. Everything was on paper. It was way more difficult. Other than that, the personal relationships with your board and members haven’t changed much over the years.


Most rewarding aspect of being a PGA Professional:

I hope I’m correct in this part….I hope that we have so much participation in all our events and leagues because we do a good job. I think people love our tournaments because we make them feel special.


How he got his start in the golf business:

I was a traveling sales rep for an electronics company in Utica. But company owner decided to shut it down. I was a member at Pompey Club at the time and I met Stan (Gorman). We got to talking and I told him I got laid off and I was looking for something to do. Stan said, “I’m looking for an assistant. What are you doing this spring?” I loved golf so I said, “Okay, why not?”


Best advice he’s ever received:

From my old boss at Onondaga (G&CC), Russell Schreiber. Russell was very regimented in the things he did. He was always like “When you go out in public, dress your part. Act professional. You never know who you are going to run into. Try to do the right thing all time. People will recognize that and that will give you opportunities.” I’ve always tried to do that and I think people appreciate that.


Retirement plans:

Right now, I’m going to work a few of days a week on the maintenance crew at Tuscarora. My wife (Patty) is going part-time with her job. We’ll have four-day weekends and we hope to do a little traveling. I’m looking forward to spending Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day with my family.