Team Tesori defeated defending champion Team Mulherin at the third annual Tesori/Mulherin Cup, a season-ending competition for Central New York PGA Junior Tour players. The tournament was held Aug. 27 at Bellevue Country Club.


Members of the winning Team Tesori were: Carter Baum, Zach Cooper, Nathan Hoham, Chloe Tice, Isabella Borte, Brian Secor, Evie Denton, Claire Draper, Evan Cooper, Tom Goodelle, Emmet Kilmartin and Louis Roman.


Team Mulherin players included: Owen Frechette, Ellie Secor, Ashton Ricci, Jacob Olearczyk, Drew Kippen Gabriella Dardis, Rachel O’Rourke, Melanie Bivano, Bethany Wineburg, Blaise Brixner and Dan Maloney.


Joe Tesori (The Pompey Club) and Linda Mulherin (Drumlins Country Club) served as honorary captains for their respective teams.


Many thanks to Bellevue Country Club for hosting the Tesori/Mulherin Cup. Also thanks to the Esther Cannizzo Junior Golf Foundation and Bernard’s Custom Logo and all the 2023 Junior Tour sponsors for their support this season.


Boys and girls point leaders from the 2023 CNY PGA Junior Tour season and winners from the Junior Tour Championship were eligible to play. Players were notified of their selection to the tournament by CNY PGA Player Development Director Brittany Siechen.


The concept of the Tesori/Mulherin Cup was a match play team event similar to the Ryder Cup. The event also was established to celebrate the accomplishments of CNY PGA hall of famers Tesori and Mulherin, who have played an integral role in junior golf for many years.


The tournament format consisted of six fourball holes, six holes of modified alternate shot and six holes of singles match play.